Pinterest is Love Pinterest is Life

Of all online places artsy people congregate, Pinterest is by far my favorite. With its range of topics from recipes to make up and everything in between, it is my wonderland. There’s not many websites that both I and my mother can enjoy without either of us looking like a huge dork. It’s super functional on both a phone or a laptop, so I can use it both in public when I need a┬áreason to look at my phone and in class when I’m supposed to be learning about math rather┬áthan perfect ways to wear a blanket scarf.

Also Pinterest is fantastic because it really doesn’t show the dark side of the internet that makes the rest of the web so sketchy. Although I do have secret boards for lame things that I don’t think all my followers need to see (my grandma definitely doesn’t need to know I have a wedding board). Thank God the future is here and I can get all my craft and cooking inspo in one place!

pinterest keep calm pic

New Twitter account! I will definitely follow back @mightywordblog