Ridiculously Easy Knit Headband Tutorial

As a beginning knitter, it can be hard to find a project that’s not a simple scarf 0r bag. This tutorial is for a cute, easy headband. It also makes an awesome gift!

  • Materials
    • Medium-thick yarn
    • Knitting needle of the same caliber
    • Large sewing needle
    • Thick Thread
  • Cast on 8-14 stitches (you can choose how thick you want your headband to be!). Knit until it is about one inch shorter than the width of the head it is made for. This is because it should stretch slightly. Once it is the desired length cast off all the stitches so you have a mini-scarf that is slightly smaller than your head. Using the sewing needle and thread sew both ends together using whatever stitch you are the most comfortable with (this is another opportunity to change the sizing because you can sew one end a little father up on the other side if need be). Once you have it all sewed together you’re done! That’s it! This super easy headband is a great place to start and can be easily modified as you improve.
  • headband

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