Ridiculously Easy Knit Headband Tutorial

As a beginning knitter, it can be hard to find a project that’s not a simple scarf 0r bag. This tutorial is for a cute, easy headband. It also makes an awesome gift!

  • Materials
    • Medium-thick yarn
    • Knitting needle of the same caliber
    • Large sewing needle
    • Thick Thread
  • Cast on 8-14 stitches (you can choose how thick you want your headband to be!). Knit until it is about one inch shorter than the width of the head it is made for. This is because it should stretch slightly. Once it is the desired length cast off all the stitches so you have a mini-scarf that is slightly smaller than your head. Using the sewing needle and thread sew both ends together using whatever stitch you are the most comfortable with (this is another opportunity to change the sizing because you can sew one end a little father up on the other side if need be). Once you have it all sewed together you’re done! That’s it! This super easy headband is a great place to start and can be easily modified as you improve.
  • headband

Pinterest is Love Pinterest is Life

Of all online places artsy people congregate, Pinterest is by far my favorite. With its range of topics from recipes to make up and everything in between, it is my wonderland. There’s not many websites that both I and my mother can enjoy without either of us looking like a huge dork. It’s super functional on both a phone or a laptop, so I can use it both in public when I need a reason to look at my phone and in class when I’m supposed to be learning about math rather than perfect ways to wear a blanket scarf.

Also Pinterest is fantastic because it really doesn’t show the dark side of the internet that makes the rest of the web so sketchy. Although I do have secret boards for lame things that I don’t think all my followers need to see (my grandma definitely doesn’t need to know I have a wedding board). Thank God the future is here and I can get all my craft and cooking inspo in one place!

pinterest keep calm pic

New Twitter account! I will definitely follow back @mightywordblog

Yoga Life

I just started a yoga class a few weeks ago and these are some very real thoughts I have almost every time I go.

-This is amazing! Here we are, a bunch of strong women getting more in touch with ourselves through exercise.

-The instructor said we are doing something called a fire series so I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow.

-How am I so out of breath when I’m not even moving?

-*Jams to the chill music playing in the background*

-Feeling the stretch… REALLY feeling the stretch

– This is so healthy, best New Year’s resolution ever!

-How can a woman 30 years older than me be so much more flexible? (She is such a badass)

Yoga Cat Picture

I hope any other yoga enthusiast out there can relate. What are some things you guys are passionate about? Comment below!

A Beginner’s Guide to The State Of the Union

For an important national event that happens every year, the State of the Union address is a very complicated pageant of both social and political agendas. Understanding what the heck is going on sometimes can be complicated so below is an explanation of many critical aspects of this year’s speech.

  • The Speech – The constitution says that the president should give congress a yearly update on the perceived state of the country. This could have been interpreted in a number of ways but as is common with many presidential events, it is largely traditional now. The acting President of the United States either delivers a letter or a live speech to the members of congress and many special guests. This speech discusses how the president sees the country now and where he sees it going. Often it is laced with the President’s political agenda and goals for the coming year. This year, President Barack Obama’s last speech tackled four main topics: opportunity in America (the economy), technology (innovation and freedom), security (ISIS, Gun control, and the armed forces), and democracy (working for bipartisanship). By any standards this year’s speech was very short, but between these main points Obama was also able to get in a few jabs about certain Republican Candidates.
  • Attendance is Key – Hundreds of the most important people in Washington D.C. all attend the event; the joint chiefs of staff, supreme court, and congressmen are all present. Intentionally however, one member of the cabinet is kept in a secure location in case there is a disaster and he or she must step in as acting president. Also many important figures are invited by both main political parties. This year Kim Davis, the woman from Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples was there. Looking at the guests at the State of the Union address can almost be as informative as the speech its self.
  • The Rebuttal – After each State of the Union Address, the opposing political party has the opportunity to issue a response to the President’s speech. It usually outlines the other party’s vision for America and their goals for the upcoming year. This year it was delivered by Nikki Haley the governor of South Carolina (some consider her to be likely to be chosen as a running mate for one of the Republican Presidential candidates). She outlined what she believed were flaws in Obama’s leadership this past year and outlined the Republican goals for 2016.

biden obama

I hope you enjoyed this short summary of the State of the Union and if you have any questions please comment below!